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The following information is courtesy of Home School Legal Defense Association . (First Class Members receive a membership discount with HSLDA.)

Is it legal?

Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman & General Counsel

“Because the United States Constitution is the highest law of the land, homeschooling has always been legal in all 50 states,” says Michael Farris. “It has been a bit of a fight to get the various members of the education and social services establishment to accept that fact, but great progress has been made. Currently about two-thirds of the states have specific laws authorizing and regulating homeschooling. In the balance of the states, homeschoolers may legally operate as a small private school or provide ‘equivalent instruction.’ The details vary considerably from state to state and opinions about the law vary from district to district. What does not vary is HSLDA’s commitment to the constitutional right to teach one’s children at home.” For a summary of your state’s homeschool law or regulation, go to For international homeschooling laws, click here and select your country.

I don’t have a teaching degree. Can I really teach my child?

Yes, research and practical experience show that it is dedication and hard work, not special training, that produce outstanding educational results in a homeschool setting. (See Figure 1 to the right.)











What about socialization & special interests/enrichment activities?

Research has found that most homeschooled students are involved in a wide variety of outside activities, interact with a broad spectrum of people, and make positive contributions to their communities. Experience has shown that homeschoolers are well socialized and able to make lasting friendships across age and cultural divides. (See Figure 2 at right.)

Homeschoolers “are the epitome of Brown students,” says Dean Joyce Reed. “They are self-directed, they take risks, and they don’t back off.”
Brown Alumni Magazine,
“Homeschooling Comes of Age,” January/Feburary 2002.

"We've got a whole lot of falsehoods associated with schooling," says J. Gary Knowles, a University of Toronto researcher. . . . "We have . . . weird rites of passage that are . . . quite dysfunctional."

Knowles has found homeschoolers to be more self-reliant and focused. "They're able to move into adulthood with a much better sense of self and have a very good sense as to what they want to do," he said. . . . "Where did we ever get the idea that 2,000 13-year-olds were the ideal people with which to socialize other 13-year-olds?" . . .

Fox News,“First Wave of
Homeschoolers Comes of Age,”
April 5, 2002

What about the high school years?
Homeschooling your child through high school offers great benefits for parents and students. Sure, there will be challenges such as more difficult subject matter. On the other hand, your high schooler requires less supervision and can take increasing charge of his own education. You can do it, and HSLDA wants to help you! Check out the great resources at HSLDA’s two high school coordinators—moms who’ve graduated their own children from high school at home—bring a wealth of experience and friendly advice to share with member families who are navigating these challenging, yet exciting years.
What about a diploma, graduation, & college?
Homeschool graduates closely parallel their public school counterparts—about two-thirds go on to post-secondary education, and one-third directly into the job market. (Brian Ray, Strengths of Their Own—Home Schoolers Across America, NHERI, 1997.)

Homeschool students who have utilized community colleges for foreign language, lab science, or higher mathematics courses discover as an added bonus that these course credits make it easier to enroll in four-year colleges after high school graduation. (See "Making a transcript" under Useful Tips.)

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