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Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka Books
Abeka offers over 400 textbooks and teaching aids that are available for nursery through grade 12. Biblical teaching is woven throughout all subjects. You may choose to order complete child and parent kits, or you may order items individually. Many home school curriculum/lesson plans are available to help you plan day-by-day. You, as the parent, are your child’s teacher. (No diploma is given and no academic records are kept by A Beka Book.)

Sonlight Curriculum
Sonlight Curriculum is unique compared to most other homeschooling companies because we include so much high-quality literature in our curriculum. This is a classic literature approach to homeschooling. Excellent choice!

Exodus Provisions
Exodus Provisions is a great used and new homeschool supply store in Oregon City. We (Jay and Heidi) have been getting materials there for years! Their mission: To provide quality materials that help parents educate their children in the love and reverence of the Lord, and that help adults develop and promote their Christian faith in the midst of the humanist culture that surrounds us.  Exodus Provisions ships books all over the United States.

Vegsource Board

Secular homeschool board, there are areas to discuss various facets of homeschooling, as well as boards to buy and sell used homeschool books and supplies.

Valerie's Living Books

A website for homeschooling families who love "Living Books"!


Homeschool Classifieds  

A homeschool book classifieds site.
Compare online seller's prices on that book you're looking for! Or click on "Used Books" to find that special hard-to-find out-of-print book you'd love to have! Seach on title, author's name, or ISBN number!
Compare prices of books across major online book sellers in real time. Various other services provided include:
1. Rare Book Search.
2. Audio Book Search (adding e-books also shortly).
3. Searching prices from Ebay.
4. Spelling suggestions to users when they key in wrong spellings.
5. Search by both UPC code (13 digit) and ISBN (10 digit).
6. Search for multiple versions / releases of same title.
Now a part of the Ebay family, this is a great place to look for used (or new and discounted!) copies of your favorite books, videos and dvds, or music cds!
an old standby. Check them out, especially in the late summer.

A bookstore search engine.  Looking for a title?  Start here!

Did you know?
By grade 8, the average homeschool student performs four grade levels above the national average. Rudner, Figure 3.

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